maria tecce

Your voice is your instrument.  I believe there is a powerful, confident speaker in each one of us.  It’s about believing in yourself and performing with honesty, credibility, and passion.  Whether it’s virtual or face to face, if you care about the words and stories you are presenting, so will your audience. 

Changing lives, one voice at a time.

What i do

Public Speaking Coach

Maria has coached at top tier companies like Google and Diageo to entrepreneurs and start-ups, helping hundreds of business professionals and actors become powerful, captivating and confident speakers. Maria offers workshops, elocution lessons, virtual training and 1 to 1 voice coaching.


As a professional actor and singer, Maria has performed with top names in the entertainment industry, from Jim Sheridan to Dionne Warwick to Angela Lansbury. Maria landed her first role in Ireland's soap opera 'Fair City' starred in the web series 'Rising', and has toured the world with her one-woman music shows.


There has never been a better time to grow, learn and take the next step in realising the extraordinary brilliance of YOU and what you’re really capable of. Now is the time to get outside your comfort zone and start skilling up. Your voice and your body are your greatest instruments for communication. There has never been a better time to learn how to inspire, master, and captivate your audiences with the stories that matter to you most. Times of great uncertainty are also times of great opportunity. Now is the time to change how you’ve done things before and kick start your creativity. 

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  • Own your space and captivate your audience, both online and face to face
  • Master your nerves and anxiety in any communication situation
  • Breath life, colour and gravitas into your words and vocal presence and expand your voice range
  • Command your space with a confident, grounded, powerful physical expertise (update to Command your space with a confident, and powerful presence)
  • Learn from a performer and coach with over 20 years of experience and professional expertise

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