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This intensive Voice For Actors workshop will help you free your voice and find greater power, connection, ease, and vibrancy in your work.  I work with both those who are new to voice and speech work and those who already work professionally in areas where they use their voice on a regular basis. 

Whether you are a seasoned actor or just starting out on your performance journey, this workshop is designed to strengthen existing skill sets, refresh your vocal regime, discover new techniques, and build a varied and powerful vocal toolbox that will last you a lifetime.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn a highly effective warm up that you can use anytime
  • Learn how to use the breath to connect genuinely with the space
  • Explore a deep connection with text and content through voice and body
  • Develop a clear, strong physical presence and own your space
  • Develop a confident and supported speaking voice
  • Use vocal and performance techniques to engage and hold the attention of your audience

Practical elements of this course include:

  • Exploring good posture, breath techniques, and releasing tension
  • Using pitch, volume, and vocal range to develop colour in the voice
  • Work on the essential emotional connection with words, character, and your audience
  • Connecting with your text through breath and voice
  • Explore the role of breath in vocal production and develop greater presence and spontaneity in your work
  • Find precision and power in your vocal delivery through articulation, elocution, and clear intention
Whether you’re a seasoned professional actor or want to sharpen up your vocal and performing skills, this workshop will give you the techniques and practical application you need to be more connected, spontaneous, precise, and powerful in all your performance and voice work. 

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