'Great public speakers are made, not born.’

Transformative Programs

If someone looks as though they’re ‘winging it’ and speaking off the cuff, think again. The best speakers out there have put in a lot of hard work, preparation, and dedication in order to make it look easy. Maria offers several options of training and workshops for individuals and group workshops if you are:

  • Beginning to speak publicly and want to learn techniques and skills to find more confidence and clarity
  • Feel your presentations are flat and colourless and can’t figure out why
  • Want to stand out from others and be memorable in your presentations
  • Are a veteran speaker who wants to polish up your skills and connect even more effectively
  • Suffer from nerves and anxiety that are stopping you from giving your absolute best

Look no further. Here is where it starts.

Power of you

Public speaking is like any other new skill. You just need the basic techniques and skills, put in the time to practice, and get expert feedback.  My training will help you to:

  • Find your natural speaking voice
  • Employ breathing techniques and skills to support the voice and manage nerves
  • How to engage the listener through vocal techniques
  • Look at planning and structure of content
  • Employ presenting techniques and skills to get the most out of your text and create dynamic, impactful, and memorable presentation.

Voice for actors

I provide tailored voice and speech training for actors and performers. I work with both those who are new to voice and speech work and those who already work in areas where they use their voice professionally.  In my Voice For Actors you will:

  • Discover the power of breath and breathing techniques
  • Connect with your text and content through voice and body
  • Develop a clear, strong physical presence and own your space
  • Develop a confident, supported, clear speaking voice
  • Use vocal and performance techniques to engage and hold the attention of your audience

The Virtual Stage

1-2-1 Private training

Mastering Personal Presence

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