I know what you’re thinking.

Public speaking is a skill for the few, the gifted, or people who are born with the gift of the gab.

This could not be further from the truth.

Public speaking is not merely someone impressing you from the stage; it’s an opportunity to inspire transformation in the minds and hearts of your audience.  It’s about you connecting with the audience in a real, impactful, deeply human way so you can get the results you want from your speech or presentation.

Here are my five key strategies that will elevate your public speaking skills, ensure that your message resonates and inspires your audience, and give you everything you need to knock it out of the park the next time you speak or present.

#1 Clarity is Key In Public Speaking


Effective communication and public speaking begins with clarity.

It’s crucial to bridge the gap between your knowledge and the audience’s understanding.  You want to avoid falling into the trap of jargon and terminology that might be second nature to you but could alienate your listeners.

So it’s about speaking in a language and using vocabulary that everyone can connect with, making your message accessible to a broader audience.

Also, be crystal clear about who your audience is before you start creating your words and content.  This step is crucial.  If you don’t clarify who your audience is and what you want them to know and feel when they leave the room, it’s like writing a love letter to ‘To whom it may concern…’.  And no one wants to get a love letter like that!

Do a bit of research.  Get clear in your mind who you’re talking to and what their challenges and pain points might be.  When you get clear on these points, you increase the chances of your audience listening to you because they feel like you have their best interests at heart.



#2 The Power of Personal Narrative


We are hardwired as human beings to love hearing stories.  It’s in our DNA.

Every since hunters killed the woolly mammoth, brought it back to the village, and re-enacted the hunt, we have been primed to love listening to and telling stories.

Stories have the potential to transcend barriers and create lasting impressions with an audience.  A picture might paint a thousand words but a story excites, transports, and transfixes an audience.

When you share your personal experiences, you let your story be the vehicle that carries your message and do the work.  Your personal narrative is what sets you apart from other speakers and makes your message relatable.

Don’t shy away from expressing vulnerability – it humanizes you and strengthens your connection with your audience. Telling a personal story increases your credibility with the audience because vulnerability is a super power, not a weakness

#3 Speak from the Heart


Public speaking is not a performance; it’s a genuine exchange of ideas.

When you approach giving a presentation or speech with the intention of sharing and connecting with the audience, it puts your communication on a much higher plane than just regurgitating information and data.

Take a moment to breathe, go with the flow, and let your words touch the minds and hearts of your audience.  Remember:  Know, Like, Trust.  Authenticity builds trust and a heartfelt delivery leaves a lasting impact.

Neuroscientists have this saying:  Neurons that fire together, wire together. So, when we’re hearing a story and your brain is lighting up, you have all of these neurons that are then wiring together, which triggers you to remember more of the information you’re getting.

Step one in creating your content and stories must always be from the point of view of your audience and what they need.  What are their needs?  What will most help them today?  What can you give them to takeaway that will benefit them?


#4 Dare to Be Different


In the words of Jonathan Swift, “In oratory, the greatest art is to hide art.”

Mastery of public speaking involves concealing the techniques behind a seemingly effortless and natural delivery.  We don’t want to see your homework.  When you step into that room or onto that stage, leave your homework at the door and focus on telling your story.  Your body will remember.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is vital for growth.  Experiment with new communication styles, engage your audience in unexpected ways, try new stories and ways to add colour and texture to your information and data.

Trust me, audiences love it when they feel like they are the centre of your attention and you’re talking to their specific challenges and needs.  They are far more likely to listen to you and stay listening.

#5 Embrace Growth


Public speaking is a dynamic skill that evolves with practice and self-reflection. Embrace your own growth by investing your energy in upskiling, getting targeted feedback, and focusing on gratitude. Instead of succumbing to fears, focus on crafting presentations that leave a lasting impression.

The joy of sharing your message with others should fuel your journey toward becoming a more impactful and transformative speaker.

When you start by thinking what you can give your audience that will touch their hearts and fulfil their needs, you are going to be like catnip to that audience. They are going to hang on your every word because your presentation or speech will be all about them, not about you.

The WOW Factor is YOU


No one is born a great public speaker. Great speakers are made, forged out of hard work, observing other public speakers, and sheer determination to keep pushing the bar upwards for yourself at every turn.

Transformative public speaking goes beyond delivering information; it involves creating an experience that resonates with your audience.

By focusing on clarity, embracing personal narratives, speaking from the heart, daring to be different, and nurturing growth, you can unlock the true potential of your public speaking skills.

So, step onto that stage with confidence.  Your words have the power to inspire, broaden perspectives, and leave a lasting impact on those who are privileged to hear them.

Keep your eyes on the prize; connecting with and inspiring your audience.  When you do this, you’ll wow them and keep them coming back for more.

You’ve got this.  See you on the inside!

Maria xx


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