For many premed students the thought of speaking publicly, especially to a large group or experts in their field, can be daunting.

However, the development of public speaking skills is an invaluable opportunity for personal and professional growth that is often overlooked in premedical advising.

Here are 4 areas where public speaking skills are essential for premed students and why it should be a priority throughout their journey towards a career in medicine.

#1  Interviews for Medical School

One of the most immediate applications of public speaking skills for premed students is during interviews for medical school. The ability to confidently and eloquently express opinions, thoughts, beliefs, and ideas is crucial for future doctors.

Admissions committee members are impressed by candidates who can communicate effectively, leaving a lasting impression. Strong communication skills demonstrate professionalism, passion, and preparation, qualities that bode well for aspiring physicians.


#2  Scientific Presentations and Research Discussions

Improving public speaking skills facilitates effective communication in scientific presentations and research discussions. As a future physician, there will come a point in your career when you have to present your findings from a paper or clinical trial.

This is one of the critical ways doctors create credibility in their specialized field. When presenting scholarly research, clear and persuasive speaking skills help convince the audience that you are knowledgeable and credible.

Strong communication also enhances the dissemination of scientific results and fosters productive collaborations. If a career in research is on your horizon, public speaking is a non-negotiable skill.


#3  Communications With Others

In the practice of medicine, interpersonal communication plays a vital role. As healthcare is a team effort, effective communication between all members of the care team is essential.

Premed students with strong public speaking skills thrive in this environment, perform well in interdisciplinary collaborations, and advocate persuasively for their patients. Clear communication with patients improves satisfaction and adherence to treatment plans, leading to better overall disease outcomes.


#4  Professional Development Opportunities

Developing public speaking skills opens doors to professional development opportunities. Attending physicians and chief residents will be more likely to involve you in activities like writing up a case study or presenting at a national conference if they believe you can represent your institution well.

Networking, although it may feel artificial to some, plays a crucial role in medicine. Impressive presentations or conversations can forge valuable connections and lead to career advancement and opportunities in various fields.


Arm Yourself Now With Public Speaking Skills Later

Public speaking skills are a must-have in medicine.

To improve speaking skills, consistent practice is key. Dedicate hours to practicing your delivery and seek opportunities to speak about your research in conferences, meetings, and club gatherings. Remember that when you speak, all eyes are on you, so own the moment, stand tall, speak confidently, and articulate clearly.

Your performance in interviews, healthcare interactions, scientific communication, presentations, and networking will greatly benefit from improved public speaking skills.

In the journey towards a career in medicine, the development of public speaking skills is often underestimated. However, the ability to communicate effectively and confidently is crucial in various aspects of a medical professional’s life.

By honing public speaking skills, premed students can excel in interviews, scientific presentations, interpersonal communication, and networking, ultimately paving the way for success in their medical careers. Embrace the power of public speaking and make it a priority on your path to becoming a physician.

Trust me. It will turbocharge your career, your credibility, and your ability to own your path to success.


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