As women in business, we are often on the back foot coming into high stakes meetings, pitching, or virtual presentations.

This isn’t because of any lack of preparation or lack of knowledge.  There are just more men than women at the highest level of corporate and business events.

As a result, we have to be that much more aware and practiced in order to come across as smart, savvy, and empowered business professionals.

Here are my three must-have, fail safe tools that will help you to deliver your communications like a TEDTalk pro and come across as prepared, polished, and professional in your pitching, speaking events, and presentations.


#1  Preparation is Key For Amazing Public Speaking


I recently worked with a client who just wasn’t getting the results she wanted from her high stakes meetings and virtual presentations.  We had built up an impressive tool box for her, both in delivery skills and writing her content.

So, I asked her what her preparation process was.

She sheepishly admitted the truth.  She was dedicating less than 1 hour to both creating her content and practicing its delivery.

Here’s the thing:  You can’t get away from spending time writing your story and practicing it.  There’s no short cut.  However, there is working economically.


If you want something done, ask a busy woman


You are juggling a hundred things during the course of a day: Kids, homework, meals, work, DIY goddess… you can add to the list infinitum.  So it’s absolutely imperative that you find a preparation process that is specific, targeted, and clear.

Hone in on creating your content with a clear structure, be specific as to who your audience is, and then practice delivering that story within an inch of its life!  As Bob Dylan once wrote, “I’ll know my song well before I start singing.”  However, I’ll bet you he never had to juggle the school run with working a full day in the office!

Maria Tecce, Actor, Singer, Writer, Speaker, and Public Speaking & Voice Coach, Dublin, Ireland

#2  Polish & Practice Your Delivery and Storytelling


After you’ve created a streamlined, concise, and focused story that is clear about who your audience is, it’s time to polish up that delivery.

In acting and performing terms we call it ‘standing up the text’.  It’s where you go from sitting in your chair, writing your words, and creating your content to actually getting on your feet and speaking that story aloud.

Once you’ve learned your words, it’s time to fine tune your physical and vocal delivery.  This means using and showcasing how you are physically connected to your words, using your body and your hands when you speak, using movement in your body and around the space, and how you’re using colour and texture in your voice and vocal tools.

Practice & Polish with Precision

Practicing and polishing is much more than just running through your content over and over again.  As I said above, learning your words is an essential step in delivering great stories but there’s a difference between words on a page and words that are spoken and are living, breathing words that have physical colour, texture, and energy.

Your time is precious so use it wisely.  When you practice and polish, focus in on two or three vocal or physical presence tools that resonate with you.  Everybody is different so find the specific skills that you know you most need to work on.

Knowing your ‘go-to’ skills that work for you personally will save you time.  Is it eye contact and varying your vocal range?  Or maybe it’s using your hands naturally and breathing.  Finding out what your go-to techniques are will help you develop your own, personal style as well.

Public Speaking Coach Maria Tecce teaches a class of women in business on public speaking skills and presentation skills and pitching techniques and how to handle nerves
Public Speaking Coach Maria Tecce teaches a class of women in business on public speaking skills and presentation skills and pitching techniques and how to handle nerves

#3  Professional Means Owning the Room & Your Story


Looking and sounding professional means more than wearing the right clothes.  Being perceived as professional is about sounding prepared, having a grounded energy, and owning your story.

What separates a mediocre presentation from a memorable one is an emotional connection not only with your words but also with the audience.  Being a memorable speaker is not about how much you know or how long your speech is but how you connected with your story and the audience.

Own your story

People who we describe as ‘professional’ are those who come across with poise, look and sound confident, and who speak from their own experience.

When you combine careful preparation with a polished, practiced delivery, you will be perceived as professional and credible.  Being prepared and practiced allows you to step into your authenticity as a speaker and frees you up to physically own your words so you can come across as present in the moment.

Trust me.  It’s not about perfection.  The buzz word around presenting and speaking these days is ‘authenticity’ and everyone wants to come across as authentic and be most themselves when they speak.  But in order to become authentic in anything you have to put the graft in, watch and learn, try and fail, and find you own strength, power, and style.

Ultimately the bones of looking and sounding professional lie in how you craft your story and how you physically and vocally deliver and own that story.  Those are the roots.  Once you’ve got strong roots, the rest of the tree can grow true and strong.

So at the end of the day, the three P’s are all you need to nail your next speaking event, presentation, or pitch with style, power, and impact.

All you need to do is take the first step.

You’ve got this.  And breathe…

See you on the inside!

Maria T.

Maria Tecce, Actor, Singer, Writer, Speaker, and Public Speaking & Voice Coach, Dublin, Ireland

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