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Maria Tecce is a Public Speaking Coach, actor, singer, writer, and keynote speaker.   Maria uses her 20+years’ experience as a speech coach and professional performer to help leaders and business professionals look, sound, and feel more confident and captivating in their presentations and on camera.

She helps business leaders to harness the power of their voice, speak with clarity and credibility, and craft compelling stories so they can connect with their audience, feel excited and joyful in their speaking and communications, and own the room.

Maria has coached for companies like Google, Diageo, KPMG, Ulster Bank, Bank of Ireland, Ericsson, Stryker, Novartis, Smurfit Business School, Volkswagen, and Johnson & Johnson. 

Maria’s motto: 

Own your voice. Own your story.  Own the room.”



Popular Speaker Topics:

Robotics 101: Why Storytelling is the Future of Technology’

  • Telling vs Storytelling
  • Surprise, delight, and making it ‘sticky’
  • Avoid monotony in your physical & vocal delivery

Takeaway: Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Your audience will learn that as technologists and engineers they are changing people’s lives but in order for us to invest and buy-in to their technology, they must give us a reason to care. That’s where storytelling comes in.

Natural Born Speakers: The Greatest Myth Ever Told’

  • Make an emotional connection with the audience
  • The Three P’s: Practice, Prep, and Play
  • How to use your body & voice to smash your delivery

Takeaway: Great speakers are made, not born. Your audience will learn that they have a voice and a story to tell and we need to hear it. Learning a few simple skills can give them everything they need to look, sound, and feel more confident and captivating as a speaker.

‘How to Stop Being Nervous: Pull the Fire Alarm & Run!’

  • Nerves vs Excitement
  • Change your mindset and Reset, Refocus, and Resume
  • The Three P’s

Takeaway: If someone tells you they never get nervous, they’re probably lying. Your audience will learn that nerves are simply adrenaline with no clear purpose. They will learn that the key to conquering nerves is learning how to harness and focus their adrenaline by using simple tools to prepare and practice and mastering their mindset.

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