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You are a smart, capable professional who works hard and wants to move to that Next Level in your presenting, meetings, and performance.  You’ve got so much to offer but for some reason, you’re just not getting the results you want from your communications.
So you keep asking yourself, ‘What’s holding me back from being that amazing, memorable, fantastic ME that I know I can be?  
And it leads you down the never-ending rabbit hole of…
What’s holding me back from speaking up in meetings? 
Closing those high stakes clients?
Owning my true, authentic voice?

Feeling confident and sure of myself?

It’s one piece of the puzzle you just can’t figure out.  And opportunity after opportunity just keep passing you by.  
And you’re tired of putting all that work in and not getting the results you want and need to move forward and reach your goals


You have a golden opportunity to take your FIRST STEP towards your Personal Power right NOW.  I’ve been Performing and Coaching for over 20 years so I feel your pain, I know what it’s like to have to be at your absolute best when you need it most.

In my bespoke, private sessions I’ll work with you to:

  • Gain confidence and fire up that extraordinary energy inside you that makes you irresistible to every audience!  
  • Identify your NOW challenges as well as your personal Goals that we will work towards
  • Find your natural, powerful speaking voice
  • Learn techniques on how to manage nervous energy and anxiety in all your communication situations
  • Employ breathing techniques and skills to support your voice and your vocal delivery
  • Improve your vocal and physical presence skills so you can engage your audience, whether it’s one person or one hundred
  • Look at your planning and structure of content and how to Tell Your Story
  • Employ presenting techniques and skills to get the most out of your text and create dynamic, impactful, and memorable presentations online and face-to-face
Maria Tecce

The time is now.  Give yourself the gift of becoming the powerful, shining, dynamic YOU you’ve always wanted to be.  Let’s have a chat TODAY.  You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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