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In my Mastering Personal Presence group workshop, you will learn skills and techniques in a small, elite group of participants. By the end of the day, you will leave with a toolbox of skills that you can apply in any communication situation, whether it’s a business meeting, audition, presentation, or best man speech. You will gain more power, clarity, and authenticity in your vocal delivery and thus engage your audience and keep their attention!

  • Learn vocal skills to help you speak with more confidence and gravitas
  • Find a grounded, strong physical presence that you can take into any communication situation
  • Learn how to speak your words with variety and colour and expand your vocal range
  • Learn breathing techniques to help support your voice and add stamina
  • Learn techniques to manage nerves and anxiety in any situation
  • Gain skills that will enable you to Own The Space

In Mastering Personal Presence you will also learn techniques to strengthen and develop your vocal range and avoid monotony in your vocal delivery. This course is perfect for anyone who presents, speaks, or communicates to groups of people on a regular basis and for individuals who want to get more out of their negotiations, business pitches, and vocal style. You will learn how to get more out of your physical and vocal delivery, how to command a room in person or online, and how to stand and speak in your most confident, natural voice. Participants will bring a piece of text of their choice to work with and the workshop will consist of exercises, tools, techniques, takeaways, and practical application throughout the day.

*This is a 1-day group workshop. The number of participants: max. 10

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