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Charisma vs. Presence

Ciao everyone,

Well, we’re slowly getting the pointy end of the stick with Covid -19 Virus and many of us are house-bound.  So, let’s all band together and keep our spirits up with new learnings and keeping our minds sharp.  I’m going to be posting videos every other day from here on in, little tips and techniques for you to prepare yourself for the move back to face-to-face work communications.  AND, those of you who are working online, these are going to be golden for you!

So, here’s our first tidbit.  There’s a difference between charisma and presence.  Check it out!  Be well and be safe, keep yourself busy and don’t despair.  We’ll all get through this and onto the other side.  Keep it real, people.

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Smashing it at X-Pollinator Women’s Conference

It’s a wonderful thing to be sitting in a room full of strong, capable, creative women.  Big thanks to Blinder Films, Lara Hickey, and The Lir Academy for inviting me to contribute to X-Pollinator conference for women in the film business last weekend Dec. 7th.  What a buzz.  And what a pleasure to have been involved.  Go ladies!  And let’s keep the ball rolling.


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It’s all go until Xmas!

Ciao everyone!  It’s all go til Xmas hits, I’m just back from USA and coaching there and there’s no rest for the wicked until after December 25th.  Watch this space and wishing you all a stress-free hols.  Baci xxx


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A year of voice!

Hello everyone, pardon the absence of posts or updates.  I’ve been voice coaching up a storm in Ireland, Europe, and USA and taking a year off from gigging.  It’s been extraordinary and as creativity needs to come out somewhere, I’ve found myself creating art work again.  Here are just a few of the pieces I’ve been turning out of the studio.  Enjoy! 20191029_102102

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Summer is Over. Let’s get voicing!

It’s been quite a whirlwind of activity this year already, lots of great voice workshops and travel this year.  I’m delighted to report that I’ve also been invited to join the Rose Bruford College (London) team for their new foundation acting course in Belfast.  Between the jigs and the reels it will continue to be lots more travelling this Fall and Winter and I’m loving it.  Keep Calm and Print Out The Next Boarding Pass!

For more info about any of my upcoming voice workshops, please contact me by clicking on the Contact link on my Homepage.  See you on the flipside!  Vaya con dios, amigos.  Speak it loud, speak it proud, and Speak It Public.  M.xxx


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Last few gigs of the year… come and join us!

It’s down to the last few gigs of the year and I’ll be performing my last shows with The Nualas over the next week.  Tomorrow Saturday, Dec. 1st I’ll be in Macroom with the girls, then Mermaid Arts Centre on Dec. 7 and Watergate Theatre in Kilkenny on Dec. 8th.  It’s been a whirlwind few months and it’s push til the end.  I’ll be coaching in Japan from Dec. 13th so there’s no breathing space til end of January…. Watch this space for future gigs coming up, and do come down and join the party wherever I may be!  xxxx



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It’s all go to New Year’s Eve…..

It’s been a whirlwind few months and such a fantastic flurry of projects.  After a gorgeous run of ‘Roman Fever’ in Dublin in August, I’m happy to report that I’m fully committed to all my acting and music projects for 2019 after finally leaving The Nualas a few weeks ago.  It’s a welcome and needed change and I’m so excited about the upcoming year!

Here are just a few photos from the great gigs I’ve had over the last few months.  Watch this space, folks, it’s going to be quite a ride from her on in.  See you soon!

img-20180805-wa0014hanko-2 hanko-3

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Off to the wild Scandinavian North!

From August 24 – 26th I’ll be performing at the Le Petit Festival in Hanko, Finland.   I’m very excited to be part of this lovely little gem of a festival that moves around the world.  The theme for this year in Finland is ‘Compassion‘.  I’ll be performing my show ‘Strapless’ on August 24th, Friday and speaking about voice and vocal coaching with ‘Rock Your Voice‘ on August 25th, Saturday.  Book tickets for both HERE.  Happy August!


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It’s summer time and Rome beckons……

The summer continues apace and I’ve just opened my new show in Bewley’s Cafe Theatre called ‘Roman Fever‘.  The show is based on a short story by Edith Wharton, the script adaptation is by Hugh Leonard.  It’s a delicious serio-comedy of manners with a vicious sting in the tail!  I’m so proud of this one, come on down, I’m playing until August 22.  See you there and do come say hello after!  M.xxx    BOOK TICKETS  


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I’m delighted to say that I’ll be back performing in the wonderful Bewley’s Cafe Theatre in Dublin where it all started for me 15 years ago here in Ireland.  I’m co-starring with the brilliant Karen Ardiff in ‘Roman Fever’, a sell-out hit for us previously and coming back for a limited run this August.  Book tickets here for the run this coming August 6 – 22 at 1pm every day but Sundays.  It’s a gem of a show, only an hour long, and great fun between two old friends with quite a past!  Come join the fun and do come up and say hello after 😉  M.xxx


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