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A New Year? Reset, Re-focus, and Resume.

Just because the calendar says it’s a new year it doesn’t mean you have to feel the need to scrap everything and necessarily start over again.  Many of us have had losses and painful challenges in 2019 and would rather Reset and Refocus.  My feeling this time of year is to focus on continuing the work I’ve been building and use it as a chance to up-skill and keep learning.  It’s also a chance to change direction if something has not been working, shed any fear and pain that has built up, and re-focus my sites on where I’m going, not what’s kept me down.

Goals are extremely important; they give us something to reach for and strive towards.  So take this opportunity of a new calendar year not to put pressure on yourself to be ‘more’ than you were in 2019 but perhaps to be more present and keep moving forward.  It’s progress, not perfection.  Be human.  Speak it loud and speak it proud.  Your voice matters!

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