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On tour and in Studio!

Yes, I’m off again with The Nualas touring around Ireland and U.K. once again.  We kicked things off in February and are off to Belfast, London, and a birthday celebration (The Nualas’ 21st birthday, that is!) in Dublin on April 16th in Whelans, just to name a few.  The full tour dates are here.

It’s all go, and my voice coaching is going strong.  I’ve a new little website for my voice and presentation skills coaching here so have a gander.  I’m working with politicians, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and public speakers and I’m loving it.

That’s it for now, enjoy life wherever you are and vaya con dios!


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Joe Duffy radio show. Thanks guys!

We had such a ball on the Joe Duffy Show last Friday, the crew made us feel so at home.  Especially with the 3-course meal the night before, all the wine, and the bubbles.  You guys were class, many thanks and we’ll expect that kind of hospitality now every time we do the show!


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Vodafone Rocked and It’s off to the Posh Neck of Cork!

What a weekend!  Great gigs this past weekend with The Nualas for Vodafone Comedy Festival and off again this bank holiday weekend to Ballymaloe Grain Store for another cracking gig on Friday, July 31.  Come one, come all.  It’s going to be a great night.  And don’t forget to listen in to Funny Friday on RTE Radio 1 on Friday July 31st at 1:45pm, I’ll be singing with The Nualas with aplomb and verve!


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Fascinating Aida rock on with aplomb

Our good friends Fascinating Aida are having a little hiatus from full-on gigs at the moment as the wonderful, beautiful Adele is having a bit of treatment for the ‘ole Big C.  We love them, want to be them, and want to share the stage with them one day out of sheer admiration.  Adele and Dillie, from us to you, we’re thinking of you and wish you all the best.  Get your arses back on stage soon so we can cheerlead from the front row!  Much love from The Nualas xxxx



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It’s July and Ireland is having a summer!

We’re all enjoying the warmer weather at the moment here in Ireland, we haven’t had rain in so long now we hardly know ourselves at this point!  It’s like living in a normal country and actually have a summer, who knew?  We just keep our heads down, our shades on, and try not to say the four-letter ‘R’ word…. (Rain!)

I’ll be partying again with The Nualas coming up later in July, see you at our upcoming gigs in Shenagarry in Cork at the gorgeous Ballymaloe Grainstore venue on July 31st and of course the wild and wonderful Vodafone Comedy Festival July 25 and 26 in the Iveagh Gardens in Dublin city centre.  Come on down and join the party!

Meantime, I’ll be shooting a short film this Friday with the wonderful classical pianist John O’Conor here in Dublin.  We’ll be jamming in an undisclosed Dublin city centre club location and raising the roof.  Watch this space….


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At Vodafone Comedy Festival 2015

We were delighted to be at the launch for Vodafone Comedy Festival this week, what a great bash indeed.  Pig on a spit, bags of crisps, and lots of ice cream lollies in show.  We availed of the free bar but after Nuala had too many wines, she fell into the pig on a spit and we had to make a hasty retreat.  We’ll be playing two gigs at the festival this year July 25 & 26, and there’s no pig on a spit so we should be safe enough.

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National Maria goes Voice Coach

My first foray into the voice coaching world and it was a smasher! So delighted to be invited to speak on Voice at the 2015 CCMA Conference here in Dublin. Loved some of the tweets: “If she’s not had one before @MariaTecce needs to get a @TEDTalks slot! Fab, #engaged speaker “your voice matters” #ccmasummit”

Nice one. So excited about this phase of my work. Still singing away with The Nualas but I’ll be getting back to my own music and gigs very soon. It’ll be lovely to get out from behind the guitar and piano again! Watch this space, it’s all happening. Check out the posh venue for the conference: 1431607853616

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Entertainment.ie Front and Center

Delighted we’ve been picked up by several online sites, we’re featured on Ireland’s #1 entertainment site with our new music video ‘Yes2Love’.  The Nualas storm it again check it out here


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It’s here, ‘Yes2Love’ is live and burning up social media!

Here we go, everyone – we The Nualas have just given birth to a beautiful, bouncing baby music video ‘Yes2Love’ and it’s all systems go.  In support of the Marriage Equality campaign here in Ireland we’ve written and shot this video in less than 2 months!  Everybody say YES to love across the globe.  Have a giggle and enjoy ‘Yes2Love’!

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Bostonian heads for hometown concert

The last few months have been a whirlwind of performances, travel, and madness for our Italo-American chanteuse.  Preparations for Maria’s October 24th concert at Scullers Jazz Club in Boston are heating up and ticket sales are heading for another sold-out gig.  Maria will be singing songs from her last album Viva as well as new songs from her upcoming album Made In Ireland.  This new batch of songs hark back to Maria’s roots in America and showcase original and new folk & blues songs.  It’s going to be a hot night and the roof will indeed be raised so don’t miss the party!  Book tickets on +1 617 562 4111 or online here

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