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I’m delighted to say that I’ll be back performing in the wonderful Bewley’s Cafe Theatre in Dublin where it all started for me 15 years ago here in Ireland.  I’m co-starring with the brilliant Karen Ardiff in ‘Roman Fever’, a sell-out hit for us previously and coming back for a limited run this August.  Book tickets here for the run this coming August 6 – 22 at 1pm every day but Sundays.  It’s a gem of a show, only an hour long, and great fun between two old friends with quite a past!  Come join the fun and do come up and say hello after 😉  M.xxx


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The tour continues…. next stop Dingle! Waaaay down in Kerry…….

It’s been a fab tour so far, standing ovations included which have blown us away!  And it’s all go for the next month or so til we break for the summer festivals.  I’ll be heading off to London to do some voice coaching and then to a voice and Shakespeare workshop in July.  I’ll also be heading to Finland in August for a festival to perform and speak about Voice, which I’m very excited about so watch this space…..!

All good, we’re hoping to have a swim with Fungi the dolphin in Dingle this weekend, we’re performing at the Feile Na Bealtaine Festival there on May 6th, Sunday.  The Queen’s had a go so we figure we’re in with a shot 😉  Have a great day, y’all, and remember – Speak it loud, speak it proud, and speak it public.  Ciao!




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Hitting the roads again with The Girls

It’s all go until May for The Nualas tour trail.  We’re hitting the road after a lovely 2 week break and heading to Kerry and Belfast this weekend, Siamsa Tire and Lyric Theatre respectively.  We’ve even got new dresses for this tour, by John Rocha…. he’s titled them ‘I Have No Idea’.    We’re Glam Slam! ready and it’s all go!


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Goodbye, 2017, you were only gorgeous!

What a fantastic year, 2017.  I know loads of people are saying goodbye and good riddance but I have to come clean and say that last year was a red letter year for work, life, and general lovely projects.  Things continue with The Nualas and touring this Spring 2018 as well as lots of voice coaching and solo projects for Fall 2018.  Watch this space, and whenever your New Year begins, because it’s different for us all, enjoy remembering the old and get ready for the new!  Roll on 2018.


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National Concert Hall, here we come! So excited!

Yes, folks, I know it sounds crazy but I and The Nualas have been honoured to be asked to write songs for the wonderful children’s holiday show ‘The Snowman’ in Dublin’s National Concert Hall Dec. 14 – 16.  Check it out here for show times and date details.  Don’t miss this once-off opportunity to see us as you’ve never seen us before.  We’re shelving the naughtiness and steaming ahead with merry merry fun!  Come one and all, we’re SO excited!  Book tickets here

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It’s Christmas in Kenmare, come join the Merry Merry Party!

We’ll be heading down to Co. Kerry this weekend, Kenmare to be exact, for a Christmas Show extravaganza.  Yes, it’ll be merry merry and jingle all the way on Friday, Dec. 1st at the Carnegie Arts Centre so come on down and join us to raise the roof. And look, here’s Santa speeding along on his Vespa towards Kerry, gifts on board and a case of prosecco to boot!   Book tickets here.

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Wexford Opera House, here we come!

This weekend we are returning to the wonderful Wexford Opera House on Friday, Nov. 17th for our penultimate performance of All Spanxed Up!  Yes, folks, don’t miss this show because it’s one of your last chances to catch our 2017 show.  It’s all go, book tickets here, and we highly recommend staying over.  They’re only mad craic in Wexford!  Check out last year’s after show party:

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Hittin’ Up Greystones this weekend, Y’all…

Yep.  You heard it right.  We are heading down to lovely Greystones this Saturday, Nov. 11th to play the new and rockin‘ Whale Theatre, so come on down, bring your nearest and dearest, and come raise the roof with The Nualas:  All Spanxed Up!

Tickets here.   It’s not over til the voluptuously proportioned, very large lady sings.

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Back From The Shack!

Just back from the wilds of Cape Cod and my 2 week residency in a dune shack.  It was incredible and I’ve definitely checked off one thing from my Bucket List.  Shack on the beach, check!

I hit the ground running last week and started my Fall tour with The Nualas already as well as tv and radio to ramp things up.  Also, my new coaching videos are continuing now that I’m back; here’s the newest addition to my Youtube channel, ‘The Hunter Gatherer Brain’ and how you can manage things when it gets the better of you.  Get ready to rock the rest of this year, and we’re off!

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Enough: The Magic Word

Enough is always a good place to start when it comes to preparation and practice.  Do your homework, rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.  Then take a break.

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