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Back From The Shack!

Just back from the wilds of Cape Cod and my 2 week residency in a dune shack.  It was incredible and I’ve definitely checked off one thing from my Bucket List.  Shack on the beach, check! I hit the ground running last week and started my Fall tour with The Nualas already as well as tv and radio to ramp things up.  Also, my new coaching videos are continuing now that I’m back; here’s the newest addition to my Youtube channel, ‘The Hunter Gatherer Brain’ and how you can manage things when it gets the better of you.  Get ready to rock the rest of this year, and we’re off!

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Enough: The Magic Word

Enough is always a good place to start when it comes to preparation and practice.  Do your homework, rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.  Then take a break.

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The 4 Hour Work Rule: Less Is Always More

My new voice coaching video blogs are coming thick and fast.  I’m absolutely loving it.  Here’s my latest – good news for everyone.  Quality not quantity wins the day everytime.  Happy hunting!

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